Professional Structural and Architectural CAD Drawings and 3D Modelling Services Based in Nottingham, UK

If you are looking for draughting and 3D services you can rely on the team at Design Technics today.

Our outsourcing UK branch in Nottingham offers a variety of designing services to clients across the UK. We are an experienced firm providing structural and architectural CAD drawings and 3D modelling services for companies in the construction industry. We also provide services such as converting pencil sketches to CAD drawings for planning permission and photo realistic 3D images of building presenting services for architectural firms. We undertake draughting work from preliminary to construction stages with any number of revisions, whether it's for a simple house extension or a multi-storyed steel building. Therefore our price is highly competitive..

The UK office coordinates and manages all outsourcing works and all projects are handled and completed by our team in Sri Lanka. At Design Technics, we offer top-quality architectural and engineering solutions through a team of highly qualified architects, engineers, draughtsmen and 3D technicians to provide you with exceptional services.

The recruitment of technical staff is expensive, time consuming. You may only require our services for a few hours a week. We work with you to provide a seamless service. Our Architectural 3D modelling, structural design and development solutions can help you regain the capital and invest more in your business.


27 Wollaton Paddocks, Nottingham NG8 2ED


What we can do for you

Worcester Steel Straicase Design

A new project involved sturcutural design work and prodcuing drawings.  

Isle of Skye Project

A personal dwelling house project



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